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Gratis dansk dating assension
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Christ's ascension is mentioned in the original Nicene Creed. It is important for Christian belief because it shows that Jesus' humanity was taken into Heaven.

This text has been important to Christians ever since it was made in 325. The canonical story of Jesus ascending bodily into the clouds is different from the gnostic tradition, by which Jesus was said to transcend the bodily world and return to his home in the spirit world.

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The story tells that Jesus' body went to heaven, and that in heaven he sits at the right-hand side of God the Father.

Ascension Day is officially celebrated on a Thursday.

However, the island of Bornholm was not liberated on this date - instead, the occupation continued until the Red Army liberated the island.

Afterwards the USSR held control of the island for a time, before it were rejoined with the rest of Denmark.

The text says that the apostles saw this happening.